We are in the depths of fall now with shorter days, less sunlight, and feeling that crisp chill air settling in.  And...that dreaded flaky, dull skin as summer's glow drains away.


Have no fear!

Here are 5 foods to help revive and refresh your skin now:

1/ Apples:  This delicious fall fruit is loaded with a skin-loving antioxidant quercetin which helps defend against free-radical damage.  Also, the peel includes a phytochemical that helps protect against wrinkle causing AGE's, among other beautifying nutrients.

2/ Broccoli:  Loaded with wrinkle-fighting nutrients, broccoli also strengthens capillaries, aiding in preventing circles under eyes and varicose veins.  It also protects against inflammation with the compound sulforaphane.  Some nutrients in broccoli increase with light steaming, which is how I prefer my broccoli!

3/ Butternut Squash:  Known for beta-carotene which converts to Vitamin A.  Vitamin A has been shown to be an incredible skin healer while protecting your eyes and supporting luscious locks.  It also includes Vitamin E, iron, Omega-3s, and tryptophan (which is a precursor to the happy hormone serotonin).

4/ Grapes:  Anti-inflammatory which strong antioxidant powers.  The nutrient we are all most familiar with in grapes is resveratrol which can slow the aging process in our cell & protects against DNA aging.  A few grapes  day can help us enjoy clearer skin!

5/ Pumpkins:  This fall vegetable is loaded with Vitamin A plus lutein, zeaxanthin, and fiber which help detoxify, reduce water retention and boosts your beauty.

You may be delighted to find out that eating these (and more) nutrient-dense fall foods this season will support your skin in keeping a beautiful glow!  It's important to remember that nutrition isn't a quick fix, rather sticking with healthy skin-loving nutrition over a long-term period is what your body needs to change and improve your skin! 

December 02, 2020 — Hanna Hendrickson

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