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Do you desperately want some part of your life to change? That’s what started me on my own journey 17 years ago. I’m going to share with you some of my story and my strategy. Get ready to be empowered!

It starts with a beginning. A choice. What is your why? You’re going to need motivation to follow through! Knowing the reasons for the change you want will help keep you going when it doesn’t feel easy or comfortable. 

Determination is key. You won’t get where you want to go, or have the lifestyle you want, if you aren’t willing to stick with the steps and DO them! Success doesn’t just happen! Someone was deliberate and intentional. What you do in the every day matters. How you think affects so much of your life!

So start to become more aware of your thinking. In what ways are you limiting or blocking yourself? What, or who, is holding you back from moving forward? If you’re not sure, reach out and ask someone who will help you figure it out. (I’m a steady guide, ready to help, if you’re not sure who to ask.) Then, you must start taking action, or else nothing will change. 

Find someone you admire or aspire to be. The point isn’t to change to become them, rather they’re going to give you inspiration and hope along the way - that YOU TOO can get where they’ve gotten!

Start with one step at a time. You don’t need to make all the changes at once. If you do try to make all the changes at once it’s gonna be extremely hard to sustain and likely a setup for devastation and disappointment. Each step you take will make a difference and over time you will see the growth and progress!! 

Does this sound too basic? I’ve got good news… It WORKS! I’m living proof, and I’ll share what I mean. The journey to find my authentic self has also been the discovery of the person I innately am. She was lost in a sea of people pleasing and codependency. It has meant showing up to relationships differently. Loving people in a new way. This last year has been intense for all of us. I’m not who I was before. There has been more unraveling and more healing.

At times it’s left me feeling selfish, rude, and unsettled. Those feelings are present because I am stepping out of my conditioned patterns and finally considering my self. It’s been both f*ing hard and exhilarating!

I used to drop what I was doing at a moment’s notice to help someone out. Do you identify? I still will if I don’t pause and think twice before responding. It’s uncomfortable to not become what I think people want or need. It was my norm for so long. It made me feel safe. Who I was, compared to who I am, is drastically different! My mind and body can testify to that, as can many people who observe me.

What’s helped me create change is by being intentional to practice self acceptance. My process has been messy and unclear. I’ve contradicted myself as I figure out what the heck I think. Discovering what I like has been quite the task! If you have lived a life of being for everyone else, you know what I mean. 

For years I kept my opinion to myself because I feared the criticism and judgement I was so accustomed to receiving. I’ve felt pressure to choose sides and to take a stand regarding certain topics that I am simply not ready to talk about. I have given myself permission to take my time and to choose what I will talk about. If I allow myself to be pressured into certain conversations, I am inadvertently stepping back into people pleasing and codependency. Until I choose those conversations for my own reasons, I will stay quiet. 

I am honoring my journey, as complex as it might be, and calling it beautiful. I am learning what freedom feels like at a new level. I am becoming more at one with myself. That’s what I welcome you to do as well!

I am also learning to reparent my inner child. When I say inner child, I am referring to the child you once were. Too often kids are emotionally neglected, and as we heal ourselves we have the opportunity to become the wise adult that can help our younger self understand she deserves care just as much as everyone else.  

If what I share sounds selfish, it is. We must teach ourselves how to receive before we can give. That’s when you know, another layer of healing has come - and even more is available!!

I’ve discovered Unconditional Love in a way that convinces me, I don’t need to be afraid. Because I am secure in love I can open my self up to hear what that kind voice has to say. You are loved, and we are connected. Life was not intended to be walked alone. 

As I close, here’s my final thought, be authentically your self ~ bold and beautiful!


Corinne is a mother to three beautiful children and uses 10 years of experience as a crisis and life coach to help you navigate through difficult life experiences to find your radical change! Find Corinne at on Instagram @corinne_changeradically and Facebook at ChangeRadically.  She has a program,  Radically Change Your Life at 


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August 19, 2021 — Hanna Hendrickson

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