How much do you sleep?  Is it enough?  If you're not sleeping enough, your skin and hair will let on.  We, humans, require about 8 hours of sleep every night (if you're pregnant, you need more). 

science of beauty sleep  

Sleep has been extensively studied. 

The results?


The old scientific thought that our brain shuts off during sleep has been proven 180 degrees opposite of what really happens.  In reality, during sleep your organs focus on repair and recovery.  Lack of sleep causes a drab, dull complexion with baggy eyes and increased wrinkles plus hair loss, breakage and damage.  Beauty sleep is not optional, it’s a necessity.  Your blood flow is more consistent transporting nutrients to your skin and hair while simultaneously flushing toxins for a clear complexion & beautiful mane.

sleep supporting tricks

If it’s hard to fall asleep, consider cutting out all screen time two hours before bed, because the light from screens impairs your sleep hormone cycle.   Plus incorporate a calm evening routine to quiet your mind.  Include sleep supporting tricks such as a cup of calming herbal tea or a hot Epsom salt bath right before bed.

3 tips to boost beauty while you sleep

1/   Sleep 7 – 9 hours each night (if you wake up refreshed and energized, you know you got enough zzz's)

2/   Hydrate during the day (because your skin loses moisture at night)

3/   Apply a creamy moisturizer before bed because nighttime is when your skin fully utilizes the restorative ingredients in the moisturizer!

if you sleep enough but still have bags

If you’re getting plenty of rest but still look fatigued, there may be an underlying factor such as exhausted adrenal glands, low functioning thyroid, anemia, low-grade infection, or something else.  This, of course, is not my realm.  Talk to your healthcare practitioner if you suspect something underlying going on.


December 03, 2019 — Hanna Hendrickson

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