Many of you may be wondering if toner is really a necessary step in your skincare routine.  It may seem like a step that you could skip to save some time and money.

Here's the real deal and why you may want to include it in  your daily routine.

what is toner?

This is typically a water-based product meant to spritz on your face to help tighten pores, remove any residue leftover from cleansing, and equalizes the pH balance on your skin.

about pH balance

Your skin has an acid mantel which there to help protect the deeper layers of skin from bacteria and other microorganisms.  Disrupting your pH balance over time can lead to inflammation, dryness, and speeds up aging.  Most standard skincare strips and imbalances this pH balance.  If you use balancing skincare which supports your acid mantel, a toner may not be as critical for you.  But it's important to remember not all toners are beneficial.  Some have added ingredients which may actually be bad.  

should i use toner?

Skip the old-style alcohol based toners which actually dry out your skin.  You don't want the side effects of spritzing on something that may actually exacerbate inflammation and disrupts the natural functioning of your skin, ultimately leading to skin problems.  Other toners may be mostly fillers and fragrances, not really skincare.

what kind should i use?

The best toners are natural and hydrating.  There are many wonderful options out there.  The right toner is not only refreshing, it also supports in repairing, restoring, and renewing your skin.  Not only that, it's the perfect follow-up to a cleanse, removing any remaining residue and preparing your skin for the nourishment a moisturizer provides.  Plus it's so quick to spritz on your face.  For all these reasons, I highly recommend you use toning as a step in your daily facial routine.

5 reasons to use toner

Pick the proper toner and you'll benefit from a workhorse of a product that will support your skin by doing the following:


A toner is the perfect follow-up to your cleanser to remove any remaining residue from your pores, which helps prevent breakouts.


A good anti-inflammatory toner will support in minimizing the appearance of large pores giving your skin a smoother look.


When you use a hydrating mist prior to moisturizing your skin will be prepped to absorb the moisturizer much more effectively.


If you struggle with oily skin, a toner is just the trick to keep your pores from clogging up and clean.


An effective toner will provide an antioxidant layer on your skin that help keep skin young and supple.

what I have to offer you

A good toner will help balance any skin type and support your skin in looking firmer.  My balancing Witch Hazel Toner includes Lavandin, Chamomile, and Calendula hydrosols which have been show to reduce inflammation and soften skin.  Witch Hazel is an incredible astringent, while the apple cider vinegar balances your pH.  Rose hydrosol has been studied to stimulate blood circulation for a beautiful glow.  Also includes Vitamin E which is an antioxidant that helps speed up cell regeneration.  

Meanwhile the essential oils provide an additional boost.  Such as peppermint, which helps prevent acne.  Lavender and rosemary are cleansing and healing.  Geranium Rose promotes healthy skin.  Thyme treats minor skin conditions and last, but definitely not least, Sandalwood is a workhorse fighting acne-causing bacteria, soothes inflammation and has been shown to help reduce signs of aging.



November 18, 2019 — Hanna Hendrickson

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