If you have young children, it's sometimes impossible to find time to use the bathroom by yourself, much less have a little time for you..especially during this corona virus homeschooling time.  But, weary friend, if you're like me it's hard to fully care for your children without also caring for yourself.  

Here's a few simple spa hacks to try to give your energy tank a little boost:

1/  Throw your feet in the tub while your littles are soaking.  Then take a bit of time to rub them with a pedicure stone (if you've got one) or simply rub them dry and clip your toenails.  Voila - a quick pedicure.

2/ Cool your eyes to constrict blood vessels, decreasing puffiness and redness by using any of the following:

Cool, damp green tea bags.

Thin slices of cold cucumber or cold white potato.

Place on your eyes and lay back for a few minutes to rest.

3/ Calm the air with a relaxing smell by simmering lavender or rosemary + rose petals for a fresh summery scent.  Or go for cinnamon + cloves + orange peel for a wintry feel.

Top it off by simply breathing - deep, long breaths.  You got this, mama!

April 30, 2020 — Hanna Hendrickson

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