Why is this time of year always so stressful?  When it really should be a time to slow down.  Maybe it's not stressful for you (fill me in on your secret, would ya?)

...I know it really doesn't need to be nor should it be such a hurry-scurry season with all the to-do's and get-done's.  This season isn't all about all that stuff anyway.

So I honestly am working at myself to relax into the gift buying, making, wrapping, mailing, cleaning, food... planning to do what I'm able to and no more.  It's going pretty alright.  

Did you know there's a handy little technique that'll switch our nervous system from fight-or-flight 'anxiety mode' to rest-and-repose 'I can handle this' in just a matter of seconds?  This quick, simple trick helps regulate the central nervous system.

It's something I've been trying hard to practice when that feeling of overwhelm starts settling on me like a sopping wool blanket.

Tune into how you're feeling before, then again after to see if you notice a slight shift in yourself:

  1. Place one hand on your tummy and the other on your heart.
  2. Breathe in quickly through your nose twice (like you are sniffing).
  3. Then take a long breath out through your nose for a count of six. 
  4. Repeat four more times.

Here's a quick video demo.  I really hope this quick go-to exercise helps you instantly feel calmer.

Bonus tip:  Work this into your daily facial routine, immediately after finishing up, to give yourself a little extra glow.


Hanna is a mom of busy children, is completing her Diploma is Organic Skincare Formulation and is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Hanna's love of natural skincare began with her own journey of struggle and angst with skin issues. Finally, after finding no solutions she rolled up her sleeves and spent half a decade researching ingredients and formulas until....finally...something actually worked. Most of her time is spend trying to keep up with the kids, folding something like 99 loads of laundry a day, and making sure nobody starves (they seem to do that 30 minutes after meal time). But when she's got a spare minute she loves helping other women achieve radiance, naturally!


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November 30, 2021 — Hanna Hendrickson

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