When I start getting worried

We often worry ourselves into stress, getting caught up in anxieties, then building them up into unrealistic scenarios.  This allows our mind to convince us of something that isn't reality - I find this happening to me all too often.  This can get us into a cycle of feeling negative about ourselves and the world around us.  This cycle of thinking is called 'cognitive distortions'.  There's many ways therapists support people in breaking out of these negative thought patterns.  I'm not a behavioral therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist nor do I claim to have knowledge in these arenas.  There's just a simple technique I have found that helps me, which you can implement immediately.  Maybe it'll help you?

The worry session - set aside 15 minutes a day to write down everything you are worried about.  Then do your best to forget about them for the rest of the time until your next worry session. 

Often I find that the worries going round and round in my head really are not realistic or they're not as big of a deal as they seemed.  Let's take this one day at a time, friends!

May 06, 2020 — Hanna Hendrickson

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