What I learned about facial routines

While we all have something we’d love to change with our skin, a natural facial routine does more than fix problem areas.  The big thing is about feeling comfortable in your skin and making self-care a priority. 

The outer layer of your skin is continually replacing itself with layers underneath it.  This is important.  If the outer layer is not removed it will cause your pores to clog and create inflammation.  Inflammation is at the root of both acne and tired, saggy skin.  A simple daily facial routine will remove this outer layer while simultaneously boosting circulation and providing nourishment.  This has a profound effect on keeping pores clear and restoring vitality.    

While most of us can identify our skin type pretty easily, what you have now isn’t necessarily permanent.  Changes in lifestyle and environment can impact your skin’s behavior.  The cool thing is that you can impact your skin with a skincare regimen that brings it into balance.

Your healthiest skin is a marriage between you and your habits.  Consistency is important when it comes to skin health.  Sometimes it feels impossible to fit a facial care regimen into your daily schedule and it may take some getting used to the additional self-care but over time it won’t feel like an effort at all and the results will be worth it!  Be patient with yourself as you get into the groove.

You Ideal Skin Regimen:

Cleanser:  Cleanse your face by smoothing cleanser onto warm, damp skin, working in circular motions with your fingertips.  Wash your face from bottom up to help fight gravity and stimulate circulation.  Always include your neck!

Toner:  Your skin has an acid mantel and a good toner will balance the pH for glowing results.  It may feel like an unnecessary step but it actuality it tightens pores, re-balances skin, and gets rid of any excess grime the cleanser left behind.  Use morning and night.

Serum:  This is your problem solver . A good, light-weight serum will absorb well into your skin providing your skin with active ingredients.

Moisturizer:  Hydration is key to a deep glow.  Regardless of skin type, everyone needs fluid and oil in their skin.  A good moisturizer will penetrate deep, balance cellular damage, and provide vital nutrients.

Masks:  Unfortunately most of us are too busy to find time to give ourselves this workhorse, which takes a good skincare routine to a great one.  The best time to apply a mask is immediately before you shower to let the warm steam of the water help draw toxins and dirt out of your pores and push active ingredients into your skin, right where you want them.  That push and pull of the warm, moist heat makes your mask powerful and effective.

Steams:  A weekly facial steam with skin-loving ingredients works double-time, opening your pores to release trapped debris while allowing the beneficial properties in your steam to penetrate deeply. This allows increases the blood flow to your skin, which brings more oxygen to your skin cells.  It also stimulates perspiration, which further helps remove dead skin and other gunk.  You can tailor your steam to target specific problems or just provide a wonderful general cleansing.


November 08, 2019 — Hanna Hendrickson

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